Reasons Why You Should Invest In Chocolate Moulding Machine.

YASKAWA uses Google Analytics to collect information regarding its users. A rotary depositor designed for making both aerated chips down to 0,8 g/cm3 and non aerated chips. This revolutionary technology maintains its leading edge today as the only cold-pressing system on the market, with patented individual movable plungers, perfectly designed shell edges, the Maximum manufacturing speed, along with a completely Sanitary design, without chocolate squander.

The depositor suits a small to medium production and can be available in several variants for different requirements. Together with the INFINITY AML to make a fully automatic good chocolate molding line. Production Capacity(SPEED): 6-15 pieces of moulds/minute. Changing between goods and depositing substances is fast and simple with the EP2.

Sollcofill® depositors offer an interesting variant for maximizing confectionery, biscuits, muesli bars or wafer products. All parts in contact with the product are made out of   stainless steel with jacketed depositing hopper including enclosed hot water circulating system. Depositors from Aasted serve all functions from being elastic, movable, lively and higher caliber depositors with the newest technology.

Together with the optional Quadro-Shot extension chocolate products even consisting of up to four distinct masses can made in one step. Painting and decoration of confectionery products is still generally done manually. Many depositors can be tailor-made and often adapt to present moulding lines. The next pictures show fundamental samples of AWEMA produced One-Shot products.

Together with our MULTI product variety the AWEMA AG is your one-stop provider for complete One-Shot production lines. Where necessary, every depositor can be outfitted  with a belt lifting device to deposit/form pointed items or to rip off the deposited tail on viscous materials. Together with the ESA depositor you’re able to use aerated fat and masses fillings.

The depositing machine PreciShot is synonymous with top precision at the depositing of chocolate fillings and masses. Pomati machines are designed to perfectly combine into pastry shops, ice cream parlors and chocolate stores. A cost effective depositor for solid and filled chocolates. Single-drive engineering and separate control allow independent integration in any sort of system.

We work closely with a number of smaller machine makers from China who assemble base machines and equipment to our quality recommendations. Filled items are produced by employing the One-Shot technology This technique chocolate moulding machine enables making e.g. filled pralines in one single manufacturing step. If you require a centre depositor for high sugar content filling of a product the ETX delivers reliability and precision.

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